Fidaa Abuassi

Since wisdom is knowing the difference between what you can change and what you were born with, I do believe that I, with much faith, enthusiasm, stamina & perseverance, can effectively change something. Born with challenges in the besieged Gaza strip, I am a 23-year old Palestinian who has managed to do her utmost to succeed and make her seemingly unachievable dreams achievable despite the severe limits our circumstances imposed on us. As long as I’m breathing, there isn’t a limit to what I can dream. Standing as strong as a tree against the wild wind, nothing would change my direction, break my will or dim the light within me. I’ve worked as a English Language Teacher since 2009; however, as the more I learn the less I know, I’d like to be always a lifelong student. With lots of tales to tell, I decided to have a blog of my own to scribble down whatsoever I experience first-hand. My life motto is “I am like incense, the more you burn me, the more I am fragrant.” Hopefully, you enjoy reading my posts and I should be grateful if you toss me a comment. Please don’t hesitate to contact me whenever you like to. ^_^

You can contact me at:


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