Born to Fight

Gallery-Children-victims-003Hello everyone,
It gives me great pleasure to share the lines I wrote a few minutes ago with you. Though I don’t claim to be the poetic type, I needed to escape for a while from writing long stories and articles and seek refuge in poetry or better in short lines. I am not sure if I am eligible enough to make such an attempt, hoping I haven’t done poetry any injustice.

Born to Fight

30.07.2012. 10:05 PM.

Yes, I am not a common person.
I have been uniquely burdened
with aches, pains and torture.
I was born here to fight
In tears, for a sniff of life.
No wonder
my name means redemption, sacrifice.
Here is Gaza. Palestine.

Born in pain,
I live;
I love;
I laugh;
In pain
And with pain.
No wonder
I have a rich vein
Of tension
Of strain.

Always I say
The best is yet on its way.
Unaccustomed, I fake a smile.
A sign of defiance, or is it only a lifestyle?
Accustomed, for I am in a fight
For survival. For my right.
No wonder,
I am all smiles.

Yes, I don’t complain.
But I am not alright.
Screams, cries and tears
I always try to hide
Deep inside.
No wonder
I am made to fight.
And my home is

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