The EnD

Hello ppl,

Hope this finds you well. I wrote these lines last year and since we’re in a fake winter, I’d like to repost ’em on my blog. Wish you a happy rainy winter insha’Allah.

PS. My Language was still immature but the meaning is still deep ^_^at least this is what I think.


The EnD 


Freezing to death I see


The whole world turns to be


Overflowing with deadly sins


It ain’t worth living in


Everything has begun to fade


Of endless pain we are afraid


To mistakes we are prone


And we might end up alone


Yourself you can not even defend


as everything comes to its EnD


4 thoughts on “The EnD

  1. Well, it IS nice.. and the meanings are touching because your feelings are real.

    I just disagree with “freezing to death” 🙂

    waiting for more!

    • I myself didn’t like what I wrote. I just feel like posting all my writings whether they are of good quality or bad.
      🙂 I don’t expect ppl to like it 😀
      Wteve! Thanks a million, my BeckY!

  2. كلمات رائعة ،، لانها طالعة من القلب وتعبر عن حالة وجدانية معينة، سواء أعجبت الناس أم لم تعجبهم ،، المهم انها عبرت عن صاحبها
    تقبلي مروري لاول مرة ..

    • Hello S!s,
      Glad you liked my simple words. I do appreciate your being here.
      I am gonna add your blog to my blogroll once I choose a suitable style. I took a quick look at your blog; it seems awesome. Thanks a million for your nice comment.

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