We Owe "Israel"

We Owe “Israel

Published on May 7, 2010

“Damn it! Back into Dark Ages! Pfft! The power is off again.” my sister listlessly grumbled. The other sister hurled to say: “but no way! we can not stay in dark till our dad comes back home.” After a brief pause “well, it is time for reading then,” I vigorously declared with a quick couch jump. We are not allowed to use the generator so long as my dad or my brothers are not home because neither my mum nor my sisters know how to operate it and I am not willing to risk my life in giving it a try as well. Is not it better safe than sorry?

Today, our father and two brothers were, unfortunately, all invited by my dad’s friend who vowed to hold a big banquet in his villa if Egypt won over Ghana in a football match. Despite the tension that once took place between us and the Egyptians, still whatever delights Egypt delights us and “Long Live Egypt” is surely our lovely chant. Our differences would never blind us to our similarities. Hallelujah! Israel always fails in its attempts to make us mistaken our real enemy.

Anyway, My mum immediately lit up candles and I resorted to my cell phone’s light as a guidance to my room to bring the papers I printed out today in the early morning to busy myself with reading in case the electricity goes off out of a sudden. This time, Tamim Al-Barghouti’s poems would be my solace to pass my time smoothly and pleasurably. Here I am! a big ‘thank you’ to our cute enemy I’d like to send. Having a blackout of several hours gave me the chance to be in Jerusalem today. Seriously, I was there heart and soul enjoying the divine beauty of Jerusalem without even having ever seen it with my own eyes yet. Tamim’s poem “Al-Quds” “In Jerusalem” carried me away to that place where I could sense its irresistible glamour: the golden dome, the swarthy marble pillars, the colored engraving everywhere, the white pigeons hovering in the sky, the fragrant smell of the air …etc. As I journeyed thru’ the lines, I got to see how everyone is warmly welcomed there by this place of generosity which is so hospitable to anyone passing-by. The tombstones witness every single foreigner trod on the earth including Europeans, Africans, Turks…etc.. Actually, while reading, it saddened me galore that I am the only one who is deprived of reaching this scared, gorgeous place. However, I heaved a sigh of relief upon reading Tamim’s words when he says: “In Al-Quds, all mankind is in Al-Quds but I see nobody in Al-Quds except you” and he meant the Palestinians, the indigenous people of this land, by “you”. I smiled and thanked God that we are, willy-nilly, there whether the oppressors like casino online it or not. Thankfully, they can not obliterate such a fact or obscure such a real reality.

Many thanks are due to “Israel” for giving me the chance to acquaint myself with one of my compatriots’ writings and works. Seriously, as for I am a real web addict, if I had the power on all time, I would spend the whole day surfing the net, downloading videos and chatting with my friends. We are living in a world where technology is disseminating into every little aspect of our lives; however, these times of blockade worked for my best interest. I managed to study more at times of exams, to enjoy family laughs and discussions that I have been missing for so long , to pay my relatives some visits and to be present at my family gatherings. Having had two alternating timetables for electricity helped me manage my time properly. Since the power is off either from from 3:00 p.m. till 11:00 p.m. or from 11:00 p.m. till 3:00 p.m, I adapt myself to cope with this well-disciplined timetable. What needs power has to be done at the time of power and what doesn’t, I just light up a candle or two, relax and enjoy the romantic atmosphere. This is how the minds of the Palestinians work; they turn every apparent misery into a tool of resistance, challenge and joy.

Honestly, Power outages have succeeded in powering up our immune system to adjust to seemingly bad circumstances we have gone through that ultimately worked for our good. It’s really good to show our enemy that whatever they do, they only make us stronger and more determined. Having no power from time to time does help us to see the light towards our path. I do believe that if power doesn’t go off, I will achieve nothing. And Yes! Every cloud has a silver lining. No wonder how we have survived Israel’s brutality till 2010.

 Oh, my poor enemy! I feel sorry for you. Whatever you might do, you would never ever make us give up or give in. You have been murdering us, destroying us, cleansing us, sabotaging us but all your conspiracies to make us down have backfired on you. Oh! You idiot! Do not you get tired of all your planned tactics which are doomed to failure right from the very beginning? Do not you understand? You are giving us the chance to reconsider many thing, to do things we have never thought we could find the opportunity to do. You foolishly help in reuniting many chattered Gazan families by cutting power so they would find much more time to sit together sharing one dinner, telling stories, and getting closer to each other. Spare yourself the effort you have invested for so long in the endeavor of bringing us to our knees. Believe me, my dear enemy, you are failing and will fail miserably time and time again. when it comes to us- the Palestinians- nothing of your spiteful strategies is going to work. Just have a look at Gaza, as a perfect example, and DESPAIR.

13 thoughts on “We Owe "Israel"

  1. I’m in a rush to be the first one who congratulates you here!! (hope I’ll succeed) 😀
    From the first look, ur blog looks really sweet with this design of a road that leads to some place where u can achieve ur goals!

    And for the amazing piece that u wrote: wow and wow! u can’t imagine how much I enjoyed reading it! I knew u as a creative thinker, a perfect friend, a so-many-other-things, but now I found a creative writer too!

    My dear friend, wish u the best of the bestest, and see u in Jerusalem in sha Allah


    • Hello Becky,
      Yeppee! You were the 1st to comment. Your reply made my day.
      As for the design, I might change it. Hopefully, you’d like the new style, too.
      Thanks for the nice words; however, I’d better be called a blogger not a writer. I am still a neophyte in the writing field. I wish I could be a good Palestinian writer one day. Thanks once again and I pray we make it together to Jerusalem in God’s willing. Amen!

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